-What do you mean exactly by “impacted?”  We can have an “impact” on someone in just about any way.  I recommend more specificity regarding what kind of impact you’re talking about, because this will help you narrow your focus.  Perhaps you could start by unpacking further what O’Neill means by “positive development” and “musical flourishing,” as I believe this is where you believe you’re examining “impact.”  What kind of development?  What do you mean by flourishing?  Be able to give some concrete examples that really fully define these ideas.

Impacted is a word that has broad ramifications in relation to student growth.  I am interested in the impact that the learning environment has on student learning and participation in an ensemble.  As an elective, students can choose to continue their participation in that group.  Many students do not choose to continue music learning or formal music engagement after their high school years, so what factors related to the classroom culture and environment lend themselves to helping encourage kids to remain enrolled in a  music ensemble?


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