TME helps to examine how learners are situated in an environment where many threads or facets of their lives intertwine to produce a complex and multi layered learning environment.

How does this apply to band or marching band?

How do section leaders see their impact on the band program and in what ways does the band program impact them, musically or otherwise?

For high school section leaders, band has already played a big role in their lives (they are returning as student leaders after at least two years of participation).  Yet in the final years band will continue to have in impact on them and they will pass on traditions, values, and “band culture” to underclassmen.  Using TME to examine this “give and take” paradigm at this point in their band career could effectively illuminate what elements of music study transform kids into young adults and leaders, competent musicians, and functioning adults or as O’Neill puts it “affords music-learning opportunities that foster positive development and musical flourishing” (O’Neill, 2015, p. 612).


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